Oh hey there!

So to tell you a little about how I discovered my love for calligraphy would be to zip back to spring 2016.

At this time, I began (read: continued legitimately!) to scroll endlessly through Pinterest! We’d not long booked our wedding and I was on the hunt for invitation inspiration.

Inspired with a loose concept in mind, I began artworking a few initial versions. Frustratingly, no font would match up to the script I had in my minds eye. As a typical Virgo (read: perfectionist) I announced to my husband-to-be, “I’m going to just learn how to be a calligrapher!” … and so I did.

I spent weeks and weeks with an aching hand and inky fingers. Found at our kitchen table, fuelled by tea, and surrounded by reams of paper with the alphabet, favourite phrases and our names emblazoned across them, I had done it. I had achieved my goal, and awoken a passion for hand-lettering.

I will share my invitations in a separate post. The triumph I feel when I see them makes me feel that they warrant a limelight of their own!

So back to the present. My goal for this section of The Design Olive is to be an area that will be home to beautifully presented calligraphy. I aim to give some tips and tricks that I have picked up and that I am still learning, whilst hopefully inspiring others to give handlettering a go along the way!


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