Exposed Brickwork

Creating an industrial yet cozy feel, exposed brickwork works well in more rooms than you may initially consider. Adding character and unique rustic charm, the textured material can produce a light and airy contemporary loft space, the classic farmhouse kitchen or super-stylish stairways.

Whether painted or left in its organic state, the raw undulating surface adds a dynamic that is truly unique to the property. From exposed chimney breasts, to a whitewashed archway or housing large industrial windows, the natural architectural element provides a subtle nod to the composition of the home.

Combining texture and tone strikes an effortless balance adding interest to a space. For me, a beautiful dusky grey sofa with soft white throws set against an accent brick wall, paired with a natural wood coffee table would make the perfect addition to my ideal home.

What are your thoughts on exposed brickwork? Would it feature in your dream home? If so, how would you style it? I’d love to hear! Here are a few of my favourites as discovered on Pinterest…












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